Anthony Cummings

Professor of Music and Coordinator, Italian Studies Program
201 Williams Center
(610) 330-5823

Markus Dubischar

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures
425 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5293

Katalin Fabian

Associate Professor of Government and Law
103 Kirby Hall of Civil Rights
(610) 330-5392

Michael Feola

Assistant Professor of Government and Law
110 Kirby Hall of Civil Rights
(610) 330-5588

Rachel Goshgarian

Assistant Professor of History
210 Ramer History House
(610) 330-5166

Owen McLeod

Associate Professor of Philosophy
337 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5163

Ida Sinkevic

Associate Professor of Art
204 Williams Center
(610) 330-5362

Olga Anna Duhl

Oliver E. Williams Professor of Languages
Professor of French
Medieval, Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Co-Chair
409 Pardee Hall

Louisa Foroughi

Assistant Professor
Ramer History House

Eric Hupe

Assistant Professor
Williams Center for the Arts

Eric Ziolkowski

Charles A. Dana Professor of Religious Studies
334 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5181